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Seedless and Easy to Peel
Navel Oranges

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Orlando Tangelos

Florida Tangerines

Three Boxes Citrus
Free Box of Tangelos

Free Tray of Tangelos

Navels & Grapefruit

Sunshine Sampler
Sunshine Sampler

Tangerines, Navels and Grapefruit
NEW Tangerine Tango

NEW 3 Tray Tangerine Tango

Triple Treat

Triple Decker

Tangerines & Navels Combo Pack

Orlando Tangelos & Navels

Florida Rainbow

Triple Sampler

Navels, Tangerines and Tangelos
NEW Holiday Trio

1 tray each of Tangerines, Navels and Tangelos
New 3 Tray Holiday Trio

Harvest Jubilee

New Fruit Medley
Ultimate Medley

Orchard Sampler

Grapefruit Sampler

Navel Sampler

3 Tray Temple Tangerine Trio

Temple & Honey Tangerine Trio

Florida Tangerine Sampler

Valencias & Honey Tangerines

Orlando Tangelo Sampler

Temple Sampler

Temple Oranges

Honey Tangerines
Honey Tangerines

Valencia Oranges

1 tray each of Valencias, Tangerines and Grapefruit
3 Tray Spring Trio

Spring Trio

Honey Tangerine Sampler

Valencia Sampler