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Seedless and Easy to Peel
Navel Oranges

Navels & Grapefruit


Tangerines & Navels

New Sol Zest Mandarin Oranges
Sol Zest Mandarins

3 Month Club - Mixed

3 Months of fresh-picked Oranges
3 Month Club - Oranges

Citrus Lover's Basket

Deluxe Gifts - Save $10

Triple Decker - Save $12

Triple Treat - Save $10

New Florida Sugarbelles
Florida Sugarbelles

Gift Basket with Navels, Tangerines & Grapefruit
Grove Citrus Basket


Ruby Red Grapefruit

Navels, Tangerines and Grapefruit
Grove Triple Delight

New Breakfast Gift Box
Happy Morning Breakfast Treat

Peck Grove Basket

Navel Oranges with 4 Florida treats
Sunshine State Gift Box

Navel Oranges with a Milk Chocolate Orange
Oranges with Chocolate

Peck Basket Deluxe

2 Peck Grove Basket

Navels, Tangerines and more
Five Flavors Sunshine Sampler

Holiday Wreath fruit arrangement
Holiday Fruit Wreath

Navels, mini Scarlet Navels & Tangerines
Orange Explosion

Sunshine Five - Save $5

Navels, Tangerines and 3 Grapefruit Varieites
Sunshine Five Sampler

Navels, Tangerines and 3 Grapefruit Varieites
$10 off Premium Select Oranges

3 Grapefruit Varieties
Grapefruit Triple Play

3 Grapefruit Varieties
Grapefruit Trio

Mesh Sacks of Navels & Grapefruit
Fruit Stand Sacks

5 Varieites of Citrus plus Apples and Pears
Heavenly Seven Premium Fruit

Fabulous Four - Save $5

4 Kinds of Citrus & 4 Snacks
Fruit & Snacks Gift Box