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New Breakfast Gift Box
Happy Morning Breakfast Treat

Navels Deluxe

Navels, Grapefruit and 3 Extra Treats
Navels & Grapefruit Deluxe

Citrus, Cookies, Candy & Marmalade
Sunshine State Snack Box

Navel Oranges with 4 Florida treats
Sunshine State Gift Box

Navel Oranges with a Milk Chocolate Orange
Oranges with Chocolate

Fresh fruit and chocolates
Mini Fruit Wreath

Holiday Wreath fruit arrangement
Holiday Fruit Wreath

Citrus Christmas Tree

New Mixed Fruit Gift with Nuts, Popcorn, Cookies & Chocolate
Mixed Fruit Variety Box

New Orange Variety Gift Box
Orange Variety Box

New Citrus Variety Box
Citrus Variety Box

4 Kinds of Citrus & 4 Snacks
Fruit & Snacks Gift Box