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Navels, Tangerines and 3 Grapefruit Varieites

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Navels, Tangerines and 3 Grapefruit Varieites
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Sunshine Five
Stunning Gift with Three Grapefruit Varieties

They'll have fun tasting their way through this wonderful assortment of healthy citrus flavors.

With classic, seedless Navel Oranges, easy-peeling Tangerines and three kinds of Grapefruit.
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit from Florida's Indian River region
  • Fragrant, seedless Sweet White Grapefruit
  • And Deep Reds - extra sweet, with beautiful dark red flesh
This is some of the best citrus you'll ever taste - picked to order and shipped right from the grove for ultimate freshness and flavor. Quality and safe arrival guaranteed.

About 13 pounds of fresh citrus
Available November to March

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